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How to build strength with EMS? And to what extent?

Set realistic goals and with the guiding of a professional personal trainer, you can achieve surprising results in your performance through the proper use of EMS.

“Increase your strength beyond your natural limits fast!” Sounds too good to be true? You wish to believe that there was an easy and safe way to gain muscle strength faster and improve post-workout recovery, but sales slogans sometimes can just go too far to sound realistic. Read more


Too busy to eat healthy and train efficiently? Here’s what you can do

Too busy to eat healthy. What can you do?

It is three o’clock in the afternoon and you haven’t eaten anything substantial since the donut or croissant you grabbed this morning with your third cup of coffee. Your high-paced office needs you fit, healthy and motivated, but the last thing you have time for is to cook daily for healthy eating ang visit your gym every day. Read more