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Keep your brain healthy with EMS and a personal trainer

We have plenty of reasons to do regular physical exercise. We all know the big benefits, such as reduced risk of cardiovascular problems, weight loss and general wellbeing. Here is one more reason, less considered but very important for creative, busy, talented people: brain health. Read more


EMS in low back pain treatment

Low back pain

Millions of people are suffering from low back pain and it is getting more and more common with aging. While resting and becoming inactive is tempting and in severe cases might be necessary for a couple of days, active forms of back exercises, done in controlled and gradual manner, are almost always necessary to help alleviate back pain. In distinct forms, but the application of EMS technology has been an important part of lower back pain treatment. Read more

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First EMS personal training session is free!

first EMS personal training session is free

We have a surprise for you in September! You can have 1 month for free and discounts up to 25%. Your first EMS personal training session is free with no commitment.
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