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EMS in low back pain treatment

Millions of people are suffering from low back pain and it is getting more and more common with aging. While resting and becoming inactive is tempting and in severe cases might be necessary for a couple of days, active forms of back exercises, done in controlled and gradual manner, are almost always necessary to help […]

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How to develop “six pack” abs with electrical muscle stimulation? – “I am not lazy, I just don’t have time…”

You have probably came across already on advertisements of electrical muscle stimulation belts that you can wear under your shirt while doing your daily stuff and it will provide you with firm and toned abdominal muscles in short time. If you have ever asked a personal trainer or a fitness professional about the topic, you […]


Building muscles with vegan diet

In our previous blog post we discussed how training with electrical muscle stimulation can be an effective ally to reach our muscle building goals effectively. However, if we have specific goals with EMS training – such as muscle building – we need to consider the proper diet we have to follow to be satisfied with the […]