Too busy to eat healthy and train efficiently? Here’s what you can do

Too busy to eat healthy. What can you do?

It is three o’clock in the afternoon and you haven’t eaten anything substantial since the donut or croissant you grabbed this morning with your third cup of coffee. Your high-paced office needs you fit, healthy and motivated, but the last thing you have time for is to cook daily for healthy eating ang visit your gym every day.

While many of us are quite aware that healthy the basics of healthy eating are regularity and fresh or cooked food, the major reason we can’t keep a healthy diet is the lack of time due to our high-paced jobs and focus on a successful career. Many foods, like a bag of chips, you can grab on the run are processed junk. Eating a decent meal daily can be difficult and even impossible on a chaotic Monday.

Time saving EMS training and healthy eating strategies

Most of our clients choose our EMS fitness studio because of the high efficiency of our training sessions, that allow them to obtain the same results in 20 minutes as in a 90-minute workout session. Even once per week an EMS training guided by a professional personal trainer can be sufficient to keep your muscles young and your body fit. But if this is combined with an unhealthy diet consisting of coffee and chips throughout the day and frozen pizza in the evening, you might not be able get the most out of your workouts.

Busy unhealthy city life

Busy unhealthy city life

Because our sessions are designed mostly for busy people, who have no time and motivation to go 3 times per week in a gym for 1,5 hour workouts, we recommend this article by Mark Hayman, MD about easy-to-follow strategies to eat healthy daily even when you don’t have time. Like with every important and meaningful change in our lives, to implement these strategies require some planning, but once set, “eating on the run” will mean something different and will change your lifestyle for the better.

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