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Can Electrical Muscle Stimulation Produce Cardiovascular Exercise?

How to increase your energy and stay healthy if you work 60+ hours a week?

Cardiovascular exercise is the most common form of weight loss exercises. Any training that raises heart rate counts as cardiovascular training. By strengthening the heart with exercise this can pump more oxygen-rich blood. Consequently, the better oxygenation of the body improves well-being, stamina, increases metabolic efficiency and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Can a 20 minutes EMS training provide effective cardio exercise?

It is not clear exactly how EMS may be able to produce cardiovascular effects similar to conventional exercise. Studies reviewed and conducted by cardiologist, Prithwish Banerjee in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Cardiology examine whether electrical muscle stimulation of large groups of muscles is able to produce cardiovascular effects.

20 minutes EMS training provide effective cardio exercise

20 minutes EMS training provide effective cardio exercise

EMS is the use of electric impulses to make our muscles contract while we’re doing a workout, making it a lot more intense than usual. EMS sessions are carried out by a personal trainer and you can choose the level of electric pulse you’re comfortable with and then target specific body parts (abs, arms, legs) depending on your own goals.

Muscles may be viewed as energy conversion elements, which convert stored energy to mechanical work, thus causing energy utilisation. Electrical stimulation of large groups of muscles with consequent repetitive muscle contraction is likely to be stimulating muscle metabolism enough to produce a systemic metabolic and cardiovascular response. Also, the increase in leg muscle strength – the main focus in Banerjee’s study – that invariably results from EMS is very likely to enhance the ability to exercise.

Electrofitness is a good solution for busy people

The conclusion of the review and research article has been that EMS may be an effective method of producing cardiovascular exercise, however, a lot more research is needed.

It seems that for busy people who want to burn fat and improve there well-being for this summer in an effective and time-saving way, a 20 minutes EMS cardio training two times per week, guided by a professional personal trainer could be a good solution.