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Only 20 minutes a week!

No time for the gym? No problem! With electrico muscle stimulation by 20′ FIT you can train your whole body in just 20 minutes and achieve amazing results!

Effective weight loss!

You don’t have to suffer to be beautiful! This highly effective strengthening training transforms your body into a fat burning oven. Visible and measurable weight loss in just 20 minutes per week.

Increase muscle mass!

Transform your stomach into defined abs! Whether it’s a six pack or bigger biceps, you can do it with EMS Training by 20′ FIT!

Goodbye cellulite!

Say goodbye to your cellulite! After only a few  electro fitness training sessions you will feel the strength in your gluteus and see how the skin starts to tighten.


EMS training has been around for a while, but here at 20′ FIT, we have perfected it. We develop EMS Devices in Switzerland and produce them with our Partner in Germany. Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) has never been so efficient and so effective! Our EMS Training will help you lose weight fast. It does this by turning your body into a calorie burning machine! For those who have struggled to lose their belly fat – this is what you have been waiting for! When you use 20′ FIT your body is getting through the ultimate workout. There is no expensive gym membership or anything like that. When you use 20′ FIT,  the best EMS training system on the market, you are getting a full body workout. Arms, legs, abs, chest and even your buns will get a workout like never before and it is all thanks to electrical muscle stimulation. Electro fitness may sound like something out of Star Trek, but it is here and available for you right now. Gone are the days when you spend hours and hours in the gym to acieve only little results. Now you will get the body you have always dreamed of in as little as 20 minutes per week.

With EMS training you will not be full of aches and pains. After a workout you will feel great, like you have just had a great workout, but without the back pain and joint problems from lifting heavy weights. 20′ FIT provides a very low impact workout combined  with electrical muscle stimulation. That’s why you will achieve great results without the achy back and sore knees! Nothing worse than doing 50 sit ups and only for about three of them to actually work your abs. Well thanks to electro fitness that is a thing of the past. 20′ FIT targets the muscles like weights and cardio simply cannot. Each muscle that you want to work will get an intense workout that will give fantastic results. Here at 20′ FIT we will get you in shape and lead to the body you always wanted in a fast, safe and painless way. You can get in a 20′ FIT workout after a hard day at work, before you pick the kids up from school or even just before you got to bed. Hour long workouts at the gym belong to the past with 20′ FIT.



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What are you waiting for?

The electric impulses concentrate on the muscles in a way so that the side effects of working out with weights belong to the past.

Are you 20’ FIT?


I’m a student and I love doing sports. I didn’t know what to expect at my first 20’ Fit training. However, through the training, my doubtfulness turned into pure entertainment. Today, I can’t imagine even a week without 20’ Fit. It’s like an addiction. :-) And the best part is: I can already see the results on my body!

Andrea Coman
Andrea Coman19 Jahre, Sardegna, Italy

I’m a mother with 2 part time jobs and I often feel very tense. As a compensation to this, I liked to go to the gym regularly. With 20’ Fit I can maintain a good shape in just 20 minutes each week. I feel very comfortable during the training. The results can already be seen after a short period of time.

Bruna Caló
Bruna Caló44 Jahre,Wittenbach, Switzerland

I used to train every second day in the gym. Now, a 20 minute training with 20’ Fit once or twice a week is already enough. You can gain muscle mass even after just a few sessions. 20’ Fit is for me!

Davide Bugatti
Davide Bugatti28 Jahre,Como, Italy

I lack the motivation to go to the gym. 20’ Fit provides a training based on the technology of electro muscular stimulation. I’m done with my weekly training in just 20 minutes. It is very intense and yet, entertaining. The last 4 weeks I lost 5 kg-s with a proper 20’ Fit diet while also gaining muscle mass . I can recommend this training for the whole world.iterempfehlen.

Etienne Desbordes
Etienne Desbordes39 Jahre,Budapest, Hungary

As an ex professional Thai Boxer I know exactly what I need to keep my body in good shape. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go to the gym due to my busy work schedule. But thanks to 20’Fit I don’t have this problem anymore. 20 minutes a week is enough! For me, the 20’ Fit training is very enjoyable and efficient.

Franco Morellini
Franco Morellini50 Jahre,Wittenbach, Switzerland

As an entrepreneur and an agent in the construction industry I am stressed quite often and always in a hurry. Now I can train my whole body in just 20 minutes. The 20’ Fit training thrills me and fills me with energy. Since I am working out my deeper muscles as well, my back pain is almost completely gone.

Giorgio Salvadé
Giorgio Salvadé49 Jahre,Meggen, Switzerland

While being an entrepreneur and the mother of 2 children I’m also constantly occupying myself with fitness and well being. The 20’ Fit studios with 1600 trainings in the Sport Hospital of Budapest with the EMS machine convinced me. I lost 3% of my body fat percentage in the first 5 weeks. I am overly satisfied!

Tímea Rozinay
Tímea Rozinay40 Jahre,Budapest, Hungary

With my training at the gym I often didn’t even feel any burn. Training with 20’ Fit gives me such motivation that I’m able to set my goals even higher! Sincere thanks to Ciro for offering the 20’ Fit EMS training in his gymnasium right now.

Victor Verga
Victor Verga30 Jahre,Sardegna, Italy