20′ Fit areas of application

Weight Loss

Weight controlling, beauty and vitality! Don’t suffer for beauty. Train in one of our studios and obtain better results in less time! This is a tremendously effective training method! Visible weight loss and muscle definition in only 20 minutes a week! As you are losing weight with the training, you are also getting in a better shape. Now we provide you with a special anti-cellulite treatment, aimed primarily at the enhancement of the metabolic stimulation, which helps to eliminate toxins. (EMS)

Body Shape and Sport!

20’FIT is harder and more intense than the traditional training. From now you can reach your goals faster, whether you are an amateur or a pro sportsman. It is about a complete and incredibly intense training that works on 90% of your muscles. The EMS is already an excellent and complete exercise by itself, but it can also be used as an effective complementary training to other sports in order to improve the performance of elite athletes. 20’FIT is the tool to strengthen, speed up and revitalize the immune system.

Health and rehabilitation

Did you suffer an injury, an accident, or just feeling as if you were getting older? The EMS ‘Electro Muscular Stimulation’ is highly recommended in these cases as well! The EMS training is delicate with your joints in such a way that you can work your muscles, including pelvic muscles, in a safe way. It also stimulates the blood circulation! The EMS training is used in an effective way in the rehabilitation after injuries and operations, and afterwards to stay in good shape at any age and to reduce or even completely eliminate back pain.