In which cases should I not train with EMS?

  • People with pacemakers, heart diseases or other implanted electric devices have to renounce all of the EMS training. Women during pregnancy and people with epileptic crisis are not allowed to train. In all the other cases, everyone is welcome.

Who should train with 20’ Fit?

  • The 20’ Fit training is recommended for everyone, regardless of age, sex. Some of our clients are more than 60 years old and use this effective method to stay in shape. The mothers get back in good shape after pregnancy. Furthermore, we also have many athletes and bodybuilders who told us about their physical improvement, strength, speed and dynamics with the 20’ Fit EMS. The majority of people want to feel better, and mostly, have a better appearance and improve their shapes. ALL OF THIS can be reached by training with 20’ Fit regularly.

What impact do the joints suffer during the 20’ Fit training?

  • The 20’ Fit training is delicate with the joints, as no heavy weights are used.

Can I use 20’ Fit also as rehabilitation?

  • Of course. Physiotherapy is utilizing EMS since decades. The training protects the joints and strengthens the muscles rapidly and efficiently in the body parts needed.

How much time is necessary to reach visible results?

  • Visible results can be obtained with a regular 20’ Fit training (2 trainings/week 2x20min.) in combination with a personalized diet after about 10 sessions.

Can I train with 20’ Fit during pregnancy or nursing period?

  • No. The training is not allowed during pregnancy. We advise you to start the training with 20’ Fit only after the nursing period.

How does the 20’ Fit training influence my skin?

  • The 20’Fit training strengthens the skin and can prevent cellulite, or in fact create an improvement. The 20’ Fit training is also recommended after pregnancy to come back in shape as fast as possible.

Can I choose a program to lose weight with the 20’ Fit device?

  • Sure. Your 20’ Fit trainer can help you choose the right program and adjust the settings to your preference.

Can I adjust the impulses, the frequency, or the intensity during the training?

  • Of course, the various parameters can be adjusted separately. Also during the session your 20’ Fit trainer will be happy to inform you about the various options and possibilities.

Will my muscles hurt after a session?

  • No. The “worst” that can happen is that you may feel muscle soreness. It usually happens 2-3 days after the training and lasts longer than in a traditional fitness gym. This mostly goes for the first session with 20’ Fit, in which you are able to use muscles that are very hard to reach with other training methods. Following the first few sessions the muscle soreness will decrease.

What is the difference between 20’ Fit and other muscle stimulators?

  • The majority of stimulation devices were created to be applied passively. These devices may be known from TV commercials. The purchaser of these devices is unfortunately facing a delusion most of the time, due to the fact that the device does not provide the purchaser with any kind of result. The 20’ Fit devices are only operated by experts, instructors professionally prepared of the EMS usage, based on active training. Compared to other electric stimulators, the 20’ Fit devices are provided with the latest, most innovative technology and they are one of the safest, most comfortable devices on the market.

Can I have more than three 20’Fit trainings a week?

  • We don’t suggest it, because the minimum of 2-3 days rest of the muscles between two 20’ Fit sessions should be maintained for the best recovery. Muscle training without muscle recovery period can lead to the overuse of muscles.

Are 2×20 minutes of training a week enough?

  • Depending on the individual objectives of our clients, it is usually advised to do 2×20 minutes of training a week. For the best muscular recovery, we advise you to have at least 48 hour of rest between two 20’ Fit sessions.

Can I wear my own clothes? If yes, what should they be made of?

  • Practically, the clothing that you need for the 20’ Fit training will be provided to you in our studio. If you want to bring your own clothes from home, you should only check whether it is 100% cotton and that it covers the arms until the elbows, as well as the legs until the ankles.

What do I have to take with me to the first 20’ Fit training?

  • A smile and a good humor makes the whole procedure twice as fun. Apart from this, a pair of socks and a towel is enough. We provide the rest. You also get the chance to take a shower in our studio after the training.

Should I drink before the 20’ Fit training?

  • Yes, it is advised to drink at least 0,5 l of water half an hour before the training. Moreover, in our 20’Fit studios we offer you a delicious drink with L-Carnitine which contains the combustion of the fat cells. Remember, in order to have a healthy and balanced diet it is important to intake a sufficient amount of water (2-3 liters/day).

Can I eat right before the 20’ Fit Training?

  • In this case we advice you to behave in the same way as with other sport activities. To get the best possible results it is advised to consume a meal rich in carbohydrates about 2 hours before the training. To avoid stomachache during training, we suggest you not to consume heavy 2 hours before the session. Lastly, to have enough energy for the training, we also suggest you to eat an energy bar right before the 20’ Fit training.

Who will accompany me during my training?

  • Our qualified staff will help you to do the correct exercises and take care of the right form and technique. Our instructors will explain the positive effects each exercise. Of course, you will also receive nutritional advices for free.

Do I have to move or do exercises during the training?

  • Yes. By executing the right exercises together with the rhythm of the impulse will improve the positive results of the EMS formation in a significant way. The exercises fit each individual’s objective. Our 20’ Fit Personal-Trainers will help you to reach your goals by helping you to execute the right exercises.

Is it possible to have an electric shock during the training?

  • No. Due to the fact that the device works with a battery, there is no chance to have an electric shock during the training. The maximum impulse that is generated cannot exceed 0.05 Watt RMS.