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Quick weight loss with EMS: real or exagerated marketing trick?

Quick weight loss with EMS: real or exagerated marketing trick?

Daily stress and physically inactive lifestyle can leave one drained, with increasing body fat, weak muscles, mounting cellulite and low self esteem. In this digital era and fast-paced life, sometimes, the need for quick results and instant fulfillment drives people to employ newer and more innovative approaches not just at work and daily life but in their health, weight loss and fitness programs too.

One of such innovative technology and method, promoted with the promise of quick and easily acheavable results in building muscles and losing weight, is electrical muscular stimulation (EMS or NMES) or often just called electrofitness.

Is EMS the new “magic-pill” for the perfect body?

While electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) has been around for some time and serves as an effective tool for physiotherapy, it is now gaining popularity as a muscle-strengthening tool too, among fitness trainers. The Medical Advisory Committee has allowed the use of EMS systems by athletes since the 1972 Olympics. Many athletes use EMS to supplement their regular workout routines, while many doctors use it to aid in the rehabilitation of muscles following injury and to ease patients chronic muscle spasms and pain.

But don’t fool yourself that getting into perfect shape just by shocking yourself is a realistic expectation without exercising and keeping a healthy diet. There’s absolutely no point in sitting on the couch with a bunch of electrodes attached to you unless you have indeed been relegated to a sedentary position due to an injury. In this case you can use EMS to keep your muscles activated.

Does EMS really work for losing weight fast?

Using electrical muscle stimulation alone will not give you “six-pack” abs. Stimulating musclesrepeatedly with electricity may eventually result in muscles that are strengthened and toned to some extent but will not, based on currently available data, create a major change in your appearance without the addition of the appropriate diet and regular exercise. However, EMS will significantly increase the effectiveness of your efforts of losing body fat and getting stronger. (Sharma et al, 2011)

There is a debate in fitness industry and insufficient or contradictory scientific research results when it comes to the realm of EMS health promotion and effectiveness in weight loss. Nonetheless, if you think about it as an effective additional tool used under the supervision of fitness professionals and a trusted personal trainer, you can’t be mistaken or disappointed. Study suggests that EMS may be used to serve as an additional intervention for weight loss programs, after finding that EMS has significantly increased the energy expenditure of the muscles (Ju Hsu et al., 2011)

The minimum time needed for an EMS session is 20 minutes, once a week. The prescribed minimum age is 15, there is no upper limit. The time of the session can be increased as per one’s fitness level, interest, regularity and affordability.

Quick weight loss with EMS: real or exagerated marketing trick?

With 20 Fit EMS Training you are getting a full body workout. Arms, legs, abs, chest and even your buns will get a workout like never before and it is all thanks to electrical muscle stimulation. (Photo: 20’fit Barcelona)

So, to use EMS effectively for weight loss

We recommend combining electrofitness with the professional guidance of a personal trainer and maintaining a healthy diet. That will probably do the desired effect and will make your weight loss program easier and more fun.