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The role of technology in sports – Are humans getting faster, better and stronger?

EMS Technology

When you look at sporting achievements over the last decades, it seems like humans have gotten faster, better and stronger in nearly every way. Is that true, or are we missing something? Clearly, athletes have gotten more savvy about performance-enhancing drugs in some sports, but the big picture is more sophisticated than that.

In his counter-intuitive TEDtalk, investigative reporter David Epstein points out the factors that are at play in shattering athletic records. The development of our natural talents is just one of these factors but the big difference was made by the combination of changing genetic plot and involving innovative technology in all sports, from faster skis to lighter shoes.

Quick weight loss with EMS: real or exagerated marketing trick?

EMS Technology

The combination of innovative technology and sports to extend the limits of human capabilities or to increase the efficacy of trainings have always facinated me, as a personal trainer. That is why I am working with electrical muscle stimulation at the workout sessions with my clients. Technologies such as EMS extended the efficacy of exercising and preparation for either a marathon or for a fitter and healthier summer. It allows muscle contractions where over 90% of the muscle fibers are activated and in the same time, these contractions are induced independently from the central nervous system. This is particularly important in the training of world-class athletes, because accumulated physical and psychological stress can not only create excessive fatigue, but also interfere with athletes’ thought processes and autonomic signals within their brains and bodies. With the guidence of a seasoned personal trainer or coach, using EMS bypasses the interfering stress and pressure and works directly on the muscle to get a clean and complete contraction.

But let’s get back to this exciting talk of Epstien about the growing performance of athletes, which I beleive could be interesting for many of my students and clients.