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Keep your brain healthy with EMS and a personal trainer

We have plenty of reasons to do regular physical exercise. We all know the big benefits, such as reduced risk of cardiovascular problems, weight loss and general wellbeing. Here is one more reason, less considered but very important for creative, busy, talented people: brain health. Read more


EMS in low back pain treatment

Low back pain

Millions of people are suffering from low back pain and it is getting more and more common with aging. While resting and becoming inactive is tempting and in severe cases might be necessary for a couple of days, active forms of back exercises, done in controlled and gradual manner, are almost always necessary to help alleviate back pain. In distinct forms, but the application of EMS technology has been an important part of lower back pain treatment. Read more

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Can Electrical Muscle Stimulation Produce Cardiovascular Exercise?

How to increase your energy and stay healthy if you work 60+ hours a week?

Cardiovascular exercise is the most common form of weight loss exercises. Any training that raises heart rate counts as cardiovascular training. By strengthening the heart with exercise this can pump more oxygen-rich blood. Consequently, the better oxygenation of the body improves well-being, stamina, increases metabolic efficiency and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Read more


Instead of “beach-body” obsession stay healthy and fit for the summer

Instead of torturing yourself to fit the 21st century’s often unrealistic beauty standards – leading you to follow unhealthy diets, to experience frustration or even depression and low self-confidence – “beach body” should rather mean being healthy and fit while enjoying the bikini season feeling good and relaxed. Aiming to achieve a beach body should mean, we are making steps towards a healthier life, while making peace with our own body and selves. And of course, not making other human beings feeling bad for their own body, by throwing shots on them just because we don’t like what we see. Read more