Muscle building and isometric exercise with EMS training

Muscle building and isometric exercise with EMS training

An isometric exercise is the type of work-out when the muscle is contracted without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. Its name comes from the Greek words “isos” (“equal”) and “metron” (“measure”). This exercise is different from the traditional moving isotonic contractions, in which the muscle length and joint angle is changing throughout the exercise. Read more


EMS training after injury

Health and Rehabilitation

When your regular workout is impaired due to an injury and you may be required to avoid intensive movements, electrical muscle stimulation might be the solution to prevent decrease in muscle strength. Read more

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How to build strength with EMS? And to what extent?

Set realistic goals and with the guiding of a professional personal trainer, you can achieve surprising results in your performance through the proper use of EMS.

“Increase your strength beyond your natural limits fast!” Sounds too good to be true? You wish to believe that there was an easy and safe way to gain muscle strength faster and improve post-workout recovery, but sales slogans sometimes can just go too far to sound realistic. Read more

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Training with EMS for the next athletic challenge

Personal trainer in 20'Fit Barcelona

Training for a big triathlon or to run the marathon? Whatever athletic contest it is, you know that you will need to train and push yourself harder to meet the training plan goals. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) may be the final piece to include in your training plan to be effectively prepared for the race and also keep your strength en event of a joint injury. Read more

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Quick weight loss with EMS: real or exagerated marketing trick?

Quick weight loss with EMS: real or exagerated marketing trick?

Daily stress and physically inactive lifestyle can leave one drained, with increasing body fat, weak muscles, mounting cellulite and low self esteem. In this digital era and fast-paced life, sometimes, the need for quick results and instant fulfillment drives people to employ newer and more innovative approaches not just at work and daily life but in their health, weight loss and fitness programs too. Read more