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How to develop “six pack” abs with electrical muscle stimulation? – “I am not lazy, I just don’t have time…”

Set realistic goals and with the guiding of a professional personal trainer, you can achieve surprising results in your performance through the proper use of EMS.

You have probably came across already on advertisements of electrical muscle stimulation belts that you can wear under your shirt while doing your daily stuff and it will provide you with firm and toned abdominal muscles in short time. If you have ever asked a personal trainer or a fitness professional about the topic, you probably have been advised to be more sceptical with quick magic methods. Read more

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Can Electrical Muscle Stimulation Produce Cardiovascular Exercise?

How to increase your energy and stay healthy if you work 60+ hours a week?

Cardiovascular exercise is the most common form of weight loss exercises. Any training that raises heart rate counts as cardiovascular training. By strengthening the heart with exercise this can pump more oxygen-rich blood. Consequently, the better oxygenation of the body improves well-being, stamina, increases metabolic efficiency and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Read more

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Training with EMS for the next athletic challenge

Personal trainer in 20'Fit Barcelona

Training for a big triathlon or to run the marathon? Whatever athletic contest it is, you know that you will need to train and push yourself harder to meet the training plan goals. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) may be the final piece to include in your training plan to be effectively prepared for the race and also keep your strength en event of a joint injury. Read more